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The 20 Second Editing Workflow by Dirksón!

129,95  inkl. Mwst.

Learn how you can edit any image in Adobe Lightroom and turn in into fascinating imagery within 20 seconds. After one day you get all skills to master the art of editing in Lightroom, no matter which camera you use. Let’s start!

129,95 Euros = 140 US Dollars = 110 British Pounds = 180 Australian Dollars



You have Adobe Lightroom and don’t know where to start?

You want to start with your editing career and need support?

You are a working photographer and want to speed up your workflow?

Then you are right right here! Learn how you can get incredible results with your editing in Lightroom in under 20 seconds per image.

This Course will make you a Pro in editing with Adobe Lightroom within a day. You will be able to edit any picture and turn it into an amazing image in seconds.

How does it work?

In this Course I edit over 100 images right in front of you. I will tell you everything I know about editing and tell you exactly how to use the different options in Lightroom for successful editing. I will talk about each step of the workflow and so you can get the same results I have included all images I edit as RAW pictures within the Course so you can edit the same images in the same way for practical use. This way it is ensured that you get the same results as I do.

You will also get a preset pack that lets you create a unique look by just a few clicks.

After the Course your editing will never be the same. It will be easy and fun, no matter how the image looks or how cheap the camera is. All images you see here are edited within the Course and are part of the package. Some of the images are taken with the Canon 5D Mark 1 and the 50mm f1.8 – a camera lens combination you can find on eBay for under 500 Euros/Dollars. Give yourself the opportunity to be a successful photographer and master the art of editing with the 20 Second Editing Workflow right now!


If there is any problem or question you can write me directly to – thanks!

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